Saturday 4 November from 16:00 to 18:01 16+

Io Capitano Almost sold out


Seydou and Moussa decide to leave Dakar and embark on a journey to Europe, yearning for freedom. It’s a tough journey through the desert, past the dreadful detention centers of Libya, and over a treacherous sea. Academy Award winning director, writer, and producer Matteo Garrone engaged with people who have actually experienced this journey, providing the film with a fresh perspective on an often one-sided narrative. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and immediately garnered multiple awards.

LIFF Laboratory

Do you want to find out whether a thrilling moment actually makes your heart skip a beat? And is it possible to measure how much impact a film has on you? The LIFF laboratory screenings in LIDO 3 on November 4 and 5 require your participation! These screenings are an eclectic mix of cinema and science, on which we collaborate with, among others, the CHDR, Bioscopen Leiden, Leiden University, and distributor Cinéart. So come by and watch one of our amazing films, while your heart rate, your skills, your opinions or your taste buds are put to the test!


During this screening, the CHDR will track the heart rates of some audience members in order to investigate what actually happens to your heart rate when a film scares you, for example, or when a film makes you laugh a lot. The CHDR will use wrist watches for this experiment, which will be distributed before the screening. The results of this experiment will be processed anonymously.

The Centre for Human Drug Research is a foundation from Leiden. They test the effects of a range of medicines on healthy volunteers as well as patients. The money earned from this will be invested in the CHDR’s own research, the training of new investigators, and educating people about the importance of drug research.


121 min.

Spoken language

Wolof, French






Matteo Garrone


Affif Ben Badra, Issaka Sawadogo, Oumar Diaw


Lido 3

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Independent: Selections

Films from established authors and independent makers with their own style. In this program, you will see the newest films from directors who have already established their place in the canon (and in our hearts). This program largely consists of previews and Dutch premieres of those films that we will be talking about for months to come. These films cannot be skipped!

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