Discount at LIFF

To make visiting LIFF even more fun, we made several discount options available. Whether you are looking for a discount for yourself or for a group during Leiden International Film Festival, you are in the right place!

The LIFF discount passes (Multi Ticket and Passe-Partout) are on sale online or at the box office during the festival.

LIFF Discount options

Multi Ticket

Are you planning to go to five movies during LIFF, or even more? With our LIFF Multi Ticket, you will receive a nice discount! Multi Tickets can also be used by different people going to the same film or even to different films. With the LIFF Multi Ticket (almost) anything is possible!


New! Passe-partout

For anyone who wants the full festival experience with unlimited tickets to film screenings in Trianon, Kijkhuis and LIDO during LIFF. The Passe-Partout is your personal pass and allows you to purchase 1 ticket per screening.

External Discount passes

Cineville pass

The Cineville pass is a monthly subscription that gives you unlimited access to all regular and many special film screenings from film theatres, including Trianon, Kijkhuis and LIDO. This will cost you € 18.50 (≤ 29 years) or € 22,50 per month. Please note: your subscription is for a minimum of four months, after which you’ll be able to cancel monthly.

During LIFF, the Cineville pass can be used in 2023 to order up to 10 tickets for screenings in the selected LIFF program sections: American Indie Competition, First Feature Competition and Bonkers! Competition.

CJP pass

The CJP pass gives you a €1 discount for each film ticket at LIFF in 2023. CJP is available to people under the age of 30, either for free through your educational institute or purchase the pass on the CJP website.

Please note: your CJP ticket only allows you access to the cinema hall in combination with your personal CJP pass which you will be asked to present upon entering.


You will receive a €1 discount on each film ticket with your LeidsePas at the 18th edition of LIFF. You can purchase the LeidsePas on their website.

Please note: your LeidsePas ticket only allows you access to the cinema hall in combination with your personal LeidsePas which you will be asked to present upon entering.

We Are Public

With your We Are Public pass you are also able to visit LIFF 2023! Check out the selection below.

You can order your WAP promo code on the WAP website from October 12. After receiving your promo code, order your ticket on the LIFF website. Please make sure to pick up your tickets at the cinema at least 30 minutes prior to the screening.