School screenings at LIFF

The LIFF 2023 school screenings are over. The screenings were a huge success and will definitely be back next year. Further information, such as the dates, will follow.

For questions or more information, please contact Daniël Nugteren:

Beyond the festival

In addition to school screenings during Leiden International Film Festival, we also offer school programs throughout the year: Scholieren Film Festival and workshops in collaboration with BplusC.

Film festivals for young adults

Scholieren Filmfestival Leiden

Throughout the year LIFF is active at secondary schools in Leiden with teaching materials about film and the special film festival for and by secondary school pupils. For this unique project, we help school pupils from six different schools in Leiden to organize their own film festival for their peers. For more information, please contact Nick Hortensius:

DIY Youth Film Festival

LIFF and the Scholieren Filmfestival (SFF) have joined forces for the DIY Youth Film Festival, which will take place in Leiden in June. This project offers young adults between the ages of 16 and 20 the opportunity to organize their own film festival, alongside like-minded people and under the supervision of both LIFF and SFF. These young talents follow a free 8-week program, in which they meet with an expert in the field for an hour each week, culminating in their self-organized festival, at various locations in different neighborhoods in Leiden.


In collaboration with BplusC, LIFF organizes the following 90-minute workshops. Please note: As of right now, these workshops are only offered in Dutch. We hope to provide similar workshops in English in the near future.

Nowadays, almost every film, series, commercial and television program consists of an endless sequence of different shots of a few seconds that come together to make one big scene. But every now and then there are scenes, videos, or even entire films that have been shot in one long take, in which everything had to be perfect all at once. What is the attraction of such scenes; how do they remain visually interesting; and, even more important, what kind of cool one-take ideas can pupils come up with themselves? LIFF’s one-take workshop mixes film knowledge and media literacy with a practical assignment in which the pupils can immediately utilize their acquired knowledge. At the end of the workshop, they’ll have made their own one-take story. 

Everyone who has ever seen a film knows how important the role of sound is. It is not only music that plays an important part, but also all the sounds in the foreground and the background. From footsteps to magic spells, from buzzing to a loud bang: they are all indispensable for the full film experience. During this workshop, pupils take a look behind the scenes and produce their own sounds for an existing short film. They not only learn more about the role of sound in cinema but also have to apply this knowledge creatively. For example, how do you reproduce the sound of a galloping horse or an explosion?

Film is a medium that has enchanted and amazed people since the dawn of its existence. Nowadays we live in a visual culture in which a large chunk of our information comes from images. Film, television programs, commercials, and social media: they all use particular techniques and tricks to tell their stories in the most effective way possible.

In this workshop, we take a look behind the scenes and learn more about the power of images. From magic tricks and trick shots to ‘fake news’ and image manipulation, pupils don’t just make their own video but also learn how films are made and how they themselves can play with images and reality.