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2024 News

Leids Kwartiertje

In the podcast Leids Kwartiertje, Marcel, Brent, and Bas share their tips for the best events, exhibitions, and performances in Leiden. In this episode they talk about the LIFF Summer Special.

The Outdoor cinema is running at full speed

After the first LIFF Summer Special evening, which attracted many movie fans to In the Mood for Love, Leidsch Dagblad writes about the two upcoming outdoor cinema evenings at Pieterskerkplein.

Soon: open-air cinema at Pieterskerk including a national premiere during Pride month

Leidsch Dagblad writes about the LIFF Summer Special and the special premiere of Bottoms.

Dutch premiere of queer comedy-hit Bottoms at Leiden International Film Festival

Winq highlights the Dutch premiere of Bottoms (2023, directed by Emma Seligman) on June 22 during the LIFF Summer Special.

De Vulploeg about the 2024 LIFF Summer Special

LIFF’s Jetske joined the De Vulploeg radioshow to tell all about the 2024 LIFF Summer Special, where, among other movies, the Oscar-winning film American Fiction is playing.

LIFF Movieroute

Dive right into Leiden’s rich film culture with a Liever in Leiden walking tour of major movie locations, fun stores, and cafes that movie stars once frequented.

Leids Film Festival announces the 2024 edition of their Summer Special

Algemeen Dagblad announces the LIFF Summer Special at Pieterskerkplein on June 20, 21, and 22.


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