Sunday 29 October from 16:30 to 18:21 16+

Het Smelt Almost sold out


It can’t be news that Veerle Baetens (lead actress in The Broken Circle Breakdown) has an extraordinary ability to move us. What is new, however, is that she is also able to do so from behind the camera. She proves this with her directorial debut When It Melts, which was based on Lize Spit’s bestseller of the same title. A harrowing drama about three childhood friends, a summer in which everything went awry, a winter in which these events are finally dealt with, and a block of ice in the trunk of a car.


111 min.

Spoken language







Veerle Baetens


Sebastien Dewaele, Charlotte De Bruyne, Spencer Bogaert


Kijkhuis 1

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