Lies We Tell


A dark manor with an even darker history. The sudden death of her father leaves Maud, 18, orphaned. She’s not only faced with a battle for her inheritance, but a fight for her life. ‘Gaslighting’ is an understatement in this psychological thriller cloaked in classic attire. An award-winning cast in an award-winning film, inspired by a classic novel: this is a must-see.

Spoken language



No subtitles


Lisa Mulcahy


Chris Walley, David Wilmot, Holly Sturton

National premiere

This film is screened on:

Lies We Tell
Friday 27 October
13:15 - 14:44
Trianon 2
€12,00 (Standard ticket)
Lies We Tell
Tuesday 31 October
16:15 - 17:44
Trianon 2
€12,00 (Standard ticket)
Lies We Tell Almost sold out
Thursday 2 November
18:30 - 19:59
Lido 3
€12,00 (Standard ticket)
Lies We Tell
Friday 3 November
13:45 - 15:14
Trianon 2
€12,00 (Standard ticket)

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