Het Verdwenen Vliegveld: Sporen van de Tweede Wereldoorlog


It is one of the places where the Second World War started for the Netherlands. And the only place where an entire airfield was incorporated into the Atlantikwall, the German coastal defense. Airfield Valkenburg is filled with history. The Leiden-based makers of the succesful five-part series Het Verdwenen Vliegveld are back and looking for traces from the Second World War. What remains can still be found and what do they mean? What should happen with them now that a new neighborhood is emerging here? And can we still discover any unknown traces of the war? Please note that this screening is in Dutch. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Kleef & Koop en Kok

World premiere

This film is screened on:

Het Verdwenen Vliegveld: Sporen van de Tweede Wereldoorlog
Sunday 5 November
16:45 - 17:45
Kijkhuis 2
€12,00 (Standard ticket)

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