Emerging: Shorts


In the Emerging Shorts program, you get to experience stories that just have to be told. They are diverse and focus on many different subjects, such as puberty, drag queens and ghosts. But more importantly, they are interesting stories that deserve a stage and an audience, from filmmakers with their own, authentic vision.

  • A Piece of Liberty – Antigoni Kapaka
  • Tabu La Rasa – Emma Bading 
  • Cycle – Naz çaybaşı 
  • The Old Young Crow – Liam LoPinto 
  • Things Unheard of – Ramazan Kilic 
  • Peccadillo – Sofia Garza-Barba 

Spoken language

German, Turkish, Japanese, Persian, Kurdish, Spanish



This film is screened on:

Emerging: Shorts
Sunday 29 October
15:15 - 16:29
Trianon 2
€12,00 (Standard ticket)
Emerging: Shorts
Friday 3 November
11:15 - 12:29
Trianon 3
€12,00 (Standard ticket)


Each shorts program consists of a selection of short films. Because of their limited runtime, these films need to make an impact almost immediately, which means that every second counts and there is no room for superfluous tangents. The Independent program focuses on life stories; the Emerging program highlights previously untold stories; and the Extraordinary program is crazy about weirdness! 

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