Chronicles of a Wandering Saint


What does it take to be declared a Saint? Rita is a chapel keeper in a small town in Argentina. She is in constant competition with the other women in her village over who is the most virtuous, or rather, the most saintly. Rita can scrub and clean the chapel all she wants, but her efforts are in vain. That is, until she accidentally stumbles upon the opportunity of a lifetime in a dusty backroom of the chapel. She seizes her chance at sainthood, only to discover that it is not as glamorous as she expected.

Spoken language





Tomás Gómez Bustillo


Mónica Villa, Iair Said, Mauricio Minetti

National premiere

This film is screened on:

Chronicles of a Wandering Saint Almost sold out
Sunday 29 October
11:00 - 12:24
Trianon 2
€12,00 (Standard ticket)
Chronicles of a Wandering Saint + Q&A Almost sold out
Monday 30 October
11:45 - 13:19
Trianon 3
€12,00 (Standard ticket)
Chronicles of a Wandering Saint + Q&A
Wednesday 1 November
19:15 - 20:49
Trianon 2
€12,00 (Standard ticket)
Chronicles of a Wandering Saint: Limited Edition + Q&A Almost sold out
Friday 3 November
19:00 - 20:39
Trianon 3
€12,00 (Standard ticket)

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