An Evening With Don Hertzfeldt, Who Will Not Be There


A selection of animated shorts by indie-animation icon Don Hertzfeldt, including the three episodes of World of Tomorrow, about a future in which your memories can continue existing after your death in different ways. Clones, robots, time travelers and the uploading of your consciousness into a cube: anything is possible! Follow young Emily, who is introduced to a future that she cannot comprehend yet. So, Don Hertzfeldt is not coming to Leiden, but you do get the opportunity to spend an evening in the special, profound worlds he has created, for which he even received an Oscar nomination in 2016.

Spoken language



No subtitles


Don Hertzfeld

National premiere

This film is screened on:

An Evening With Don Hertzfeldt, Who Will Not Be There
Saturday 4 November
19:15 - 20:52
Kijkhuis 1
€12,00 (Standard ticket)

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