Thursday 2 November from 14:00 to 15:24

Scrapper Almost sold out


After her mother passes, 12-year-old Georgie continues to live alone in their London flat. Her days are filled with magic, keeping social workers off her back and making money off stolen bikes. She is doing perfectly fine until her father (Harris Dickinson, Triangle of Sadness), from whom she is completely estranged, suddenly shows up. Why is this unknown and, according to Georgie, unsuitable man suddenly taking an interest in her when she is doing just fine on her own? If you liked Aftersun, you will love this one. A quirky British debut that, quite rightly so, was one of the winners at the Sundance Film festival.


84 min.

Spoken language





Comedy, Drama


Charlotte Regan


Lola Campbell, Alin Uzun, Cary Crankson


Kijkhuis 1

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