Sunday 5 November from 16:30 to 18:12

Robot Dreams Sold out


Dog, living in a fictional version of 1980s Manhattan, is done with his lonely life and buys a robot. The two quickly become best friends, until Dog has to leave his robot behind at the beach one day. Will these buddies ever see each other again? This animated film from Pablo Berger doesn’t contain any dialogue, but does contain a lot of humor, pop culture references, personality and friendship. Take a moment to leave all the discussions about AI and the imitation of humanity for what they are, and enjoy the genuine connection between a dog and his dearest robot friend.

LIFF Laboratory

Do you want to find out whether a thrilling moment actually makes your heart skip a beat? And is it possible to measure how much impact a film has on you? The LIFF laboratory screenings in LIDO 3 on November 4 and 5 require your participation! These screenings are an eclectic mix of cinema and science, on which we collaborate with, among others, the CHDR, Bioscopen Leiden, Leiden University, and distributor Cinéart. So come by and watch one of our amazing films, while your heart rate, your skills, your opinions or your taste buds are put to the test!


102 min.


No subtitles


Animation, Drama, Music


Pablo Berger, Pablo Berger


Lido 3

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