Friday 3 November from 11:15 to 13:40

Le pot-au-feu


Ah… when two of life’s finest things come together: delicious food and film. That’s exactly what this film delivers! Eugenie and Dodin have been working together for 20 years. Over time, the passion they have for cooking starts to translate into the feelings they share for each other. Dodin is based on the main character from a 1924 book by French writer Rouff. He beautifully finds his place in this award-winning must-see, rich with cinematographical food porn. Perfect for anyone who adores film, food, and films about food.


145 min.

Spoken language





Drama, History, Romance


Anh Hung Tran


Juliette Binoche, Pierre Gagnaire, Jan Hammenecker


Kijkhuis 2

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