Friday 3 November from 11:00 to 12:45

I Used to Be Funny


Sam (Rachel Sennott, Shiva Baby, Bodies, Bodies, Bodies) is an aspiring stand-up comedian and au pair struggling with PTSD. She debates whether or not to join the search for Brooke, a missing teen she used to nanny. The story navigates between the present, where Sam tries to recover from her trauma and get back on stage, and the past, where memories make it increasingly difficult to ignore Brooke’s abrupt vanishing. The debut of writer and director Ally Pankiw is funny, heartbreaking, and provides an honest and refreshing perspective on trauma and recovery, and how they impact our relationships and communities.


105 min.

Spoken language



No subtitles


Comedy, Drama


Ally Pankiw


Rachel Sennott, Olga Petsa, Jason Jones


Trianon 1

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