2 - 11 nov 2018

Summer Special

The sun’s back, and everybody’s starting to get that summer feeling. It’s time for best cinematic event of the summer: the LIFF Summer Special.

Our traditional cozy open-air cinema on the Pieterskerkplein will take place from the 7th until the 9th of June. Everybody gets to pick according to taste, with existential questions in crime drama Rashomon (1950), sizzling NASCAR races and an equally hot Channing Tatum in Logan Lucky (2017), and the sunny, bizarre, and touching short stories in the Argentinian Wild Tales (2014). How do we even manage? We don’t know that ourselves.

Movies start when darkness sets in, around 22:30. Entry is free.

Find current information and more anticipation over here.

Thursday, June 7 - Rashomon

After a robbery, the rape of a woman, and the murder of her husband, different witnesses all tell a different version of the crime. This classic by director Akira Kurosawa was a breakthrough for Japanese cinema in the West, and is considered to be one of the greatest films ever made.

Friday, June 8 - Logan Lucky

Sizzling action-comedy by Steven Soderbergh. Two brothers try to stage a heist during a NASCAR race. Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, fast cars – what more could you want?

Saturday, June 9 - Wild Tales

An Argentinian festival hit with six outrageous stories, packed with surprising twists. Every story is about revenge, and people losing control when life thwarts their dreams. Each plot gets completely out of hand with disastrous consequences for all parties – except for the audience, of course.


These fantastic partners, among others, made this year’s Summer Special possible: Leiden, Stad van OntdekkingenPieterskerk Leiden, and CHDR