2 - 11 nov 2018

LIFF Drive-in

Want to experience that all-american fifties-vibe? Come to the Valkenburgse Meer from September 13 to 15! Together with Brasserie Buitenhuis we will once again transform the lake into a full-blown drive-in movie theatre.


The movies will start at 21:00.
Location: Valkenburgse Meer.

Thursday, september 13th - Thelma & Louise 
No drive-in would be complete without this OG road movie. We all know the story: Thelma and Louise have had it with men and decide to hit the road for a couple of days. But the trip takes a wild turn when Louise shoots and kills a man in a bar. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis who, sunglasses and shawl and all, drive their old Ford Thunderbird 1966 cabriolet through the sizzling heat of the Arkansas dessert and teach us a lesson in feminism the Ridley Scott way. Who needs Brad Pitt and his tight-fitting jeans then, really?

Friday, september 14th - Moonlight 
Few movies were higher praised last year than Moonlight. Barry Jenkin’s second feature film took home a whopping three Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali). In Moonlight we follow Chiron during three phases of his young life as a black gay kid in Miami. It’s a movie about love and loving, to the moon and back, about growing up in complex, tough world. A movie that, in spite of its grave subject matter, is so beautifully shot and acted, it feels like a warm summer night till the very end.

Saturday, september 15th - Hereditary 
2018 is quickly on its way to becoming the year of the indie horror movie, and that’s a combination that makes our little LIFF hearts beat faster. We follow Annie, the matriarch of the Graham family, who just lost her mother. If her house is taken over by something terrible, she’s forced to walk dark paths in order to escape the terrible fate that awaits her family. Director Ari Aster’s first feature length delivers mouth-watering shots with the fear dripping off the screen in each scene. Screaming guaranteed, but in thefilm-way, not the Scary Movie-way (and perfect for bringing someone to hide behind). Starring the ever-brilliant Toni Colette as Annie.


A ticket for the Drive-in costs €25 a car.


Gemeente Katwijk, Brasserie Buitenhuis, Leiden, Stad van Ontdekkingen & Outdoor Cinema.

Thelma & Louise

Thursday, september 13th




Friday, september 14th




Saturday september 15th