2 - 11 nov 2018

Nicolas Cage van A tot Z

Some people consider him to be the worst actor in modern cinema. Others deify Cage and his extreme acting choices. But at least 2 facts are undebatable: 1. Even in bad films with Nicolas Cage, Cage always delivers a fascinating performance. 2. Nicolas Cage is the best actor in modern cinema. 

He is credited in almost 100 feature films, and, ever since his bankruptcy due to a few questionable choices, he seems to accept any role offers to him. Fuel to fan the flames of both fans and haters.

In conjuction with the exhibition, the Leiden International Film Festival will play a few highlights of Cage's career during the Nic-a-thon, curated by none other than Nicolas Cage.

The exhibition is open to the public from October 30th until November 30th.