Volunteer positions

Volunteer positions

We’re looking for volunteers for the 14 1/2th edition of LIFF. This year, the festival will take place from October 29th until November 8th. We are still looking for volunteers for the following jobs.

Stand-by chauffeur

For this job you’ll be available at least 3 full days (from 9 AM until 01:00 AM). You don’t have to be on location all the time, but you have to be able to be there within 15 minutes for last-minute rides. In other words there’s a decent chance you’ll be able to clean your living room all day, but there’s also a decent chance you’ll spend all day driving. Naturally, you have a driver’s license.


Shifts according to our schedule. Keep in mind that these shifts are often early in the morning.

Location Manager

You’ll be responsible for managing the volunteers on location, greeting and accommodating visitors and guests, and making sure the location is clean. You’re available for at least 6 shifts.

You’re on stand-by for all kinds of tasks. It’s an added bonus if you’re familiar with the festival, have access to a bike, and know your way around Leiden.

Catering Manager 
You’re responsible for managing and rostering the catering crew at Trianon. You’re available for at least 6 shifts. 

Catering Crew 
You’ll work behind the bar throughout the festival, and serve drinks during the opening night.

You’ll check entry tickets, get people to rate the movie, clean the theaters, and make sure that people fill up rows of seats when a viewing is sold out. You’ll also count the movies’ ratings.
Register Crew
You’re good with computers. The registers will be open from 10 AM to 10 PM.
Construction Crew
You enjoy constructing and breaking down our set-up at the different locations. You have a good constitution and don’t mind lifting stuff. Construction will often happen during the day, prior to any events, and at night, after the events are over.