31 oct - 10 nov 2019

Program 2018


Hey, globetrotter! Where do you want to go? Are you bringing your Jeep? Or your carry-on bag? Are you more of a ‘surprise me!’ or an ‘all-inclusive’ type of traveller? Or do you prefer a combo? Join us on a film trip and find your perfect festival route. Clicking on the festival route titles will bring you directly to all the films that are part of that route. 

The All-Inclusive LIFF-cruise

For lovers of quality as well as comfort. Put your sun towel on a sunbed to reserve a spot and come and enjoy our all-day buffet: beautiful, stunning, very LIFF, and always worth it. Get your cocktail and go! Sit back, relax and listen to our LIFF-Cruise playlist.

The Citytripper

For the jetsetter that wants to go European premiere shopping, and wants to be the first to see the big winners of Cannes, Venice, Sundance and Toronto. Jump on board of the hop-on-hop-off bus and discover the hidden treasures before they’re ruined by mass tourism! Get in the mood with our one and only Citytripper playlist.

The Backpacker

For the cosmopolitan that wants to be surprised by exclusive, one-time-only film festival screenings. For everyone that knows that in order to find that truly special experience you are looking for, you have to take the road less travelled by. Already want to get a sense of that wanderlust? Listen to our very own Backpacker playlist.

The Roadie

Video killed the radio start? On the contrary. Film and music belong together, enforce each other like steak and red wine, herring and white bread, Elvis and grilled cheese. So of course, as ever, this year’s program is packed with music films again, as well as specials with live accompaniment, ensuring an unforgettable musical film experience. Go with us on tour and get blown away!

The Thrill-seeker

Perfect for those among us for whom a holiday is simply not complete without a near-death experience. Action, drama, scary philosophical questions: it doesn’t have to be a fast-speed car chase, as long as that edge of your seat remains occupied.

The Oscar route

Now I’m not saying you’re a gold digger, and these independent films are fun and all, but you participate in that Oscar quiz at your local pub each year for a reason! What are the winners, what are the foreign film contestants, who will be on that red carpet in February next year?

Was the book really better?

See for yourself and go on this literary trip along all this year’s best films based on a novel.


Our selection of this year’s best LGBT films from all over the world and yes, most of them end happily! Can't wait till the start of the festival? Listen to Good Beats Tonight!