1982 - ONLINE

OnlineYallah! Yallah! presents:

During the 1982 invasion of Lebanon at a private school on the outskirts of Beirut, 11-year-old Wissam tries to tell a classmate about his crush on her, while his teachers on different sides of the political divide, try to mask their fears.


A L'abordage! - ONLINE


A hot summer evening in Paris. Félix runs into Alma, and the two spend a magical night together. The next day, Alma heads off to the south of France, and in an impulse, Félix decides to follow her. A romantic road trip follows, in which nothing goes according to plan.


OnlineFirst Feature Competition

Asia is the single mother of 17-year-old Vika (Shira Haas, Unorthodox). But when Vika’s health starts deteriorating, Asia has to find her voice as a mother and embrace and cherish their time together in this award-winning drama.


Baghdad In My Shadow - ONLINE

OnlineYallah! Yallah! presents:

'Baghdad in My Shadow' is a fictional thriller about a group of Iraqi immigrants living in London: Amal (Ghandour), a wife in hiding, Taufiq (Haitham Ali), an unsuccessful writer, and Muhannad, a gay IT specialist (Waseem Abbas). The three meet regularly in a local cafe, until the author's radical cousin attacks them and turns all lives upside down.

Betuwe44 - ONLINE


An unlikely moment of reconciliation between enemies at the front in the Betuwe in the war winter of 1944? This short film tells about the true but unknown meeting between an American and German lieutenant after the German patrol was ambushed.

Bonkers! Shorts - ONLINE


Prepare for BONKERS! Shorts. Films that you can make no sense of, films that are completely BONKERS. They might be absurd, shocking, hilarious, or just simply make you ask: "what did I just watch?"


Calamity - ONLINE


'Calamity' tells, in beautiful animations, how the young Martha Jane Cannary grew into the legendary ‘Calamity’ Jane, one of the gunslinging heroes of the Wild West. The film rightly won the top prize at the Annecy animation festival.

Cartero - ONLINE

OnlineFirst Feature Competition

Hernán (Tomás Raimondi), a young man full of hopes and dreams, gets a job at the Central Post Office. There, a colleague teaches him the code of conduct, but reality will force him to break the rules - for Yanina, the girl he loves.


Daniel - ONLINE

OnlineNordic Watching

The true, gripping, and sublimely acted story of Danish photographer Daniel Rye, who was kidnapped by IS in 2013, and his family’s efforts to get him released. This year’s rightful favourite at Film by the Sea.

Dating Amber - ONLINE


This tragicomical coming-of-age film is set in Ireland during the mid-90s. Teenagers Eddie and Amber fake a relationship in order to stop everyone speculating about their sexuality. However, their ‘ideal’ arrangement begins to fall apart, forcing both of them to rethink their lives.

De l'or pour les chiens - ONLINE

OnlineFirst Feature Competition

Solitary teenager Esther (Tallulah Cassavetti) follows her summer love Jean to Paris, starting a journey in a big city where she knows no one. The provocative tale of a young woman lost in Paris represents a dazzling debut showcase for writer/director Anna Cazenave Cambet.


El Diesel - ONLINE

OnlineYallah! Yallah! presents:

Prepare for truly authentic Egyptian cinema with El Diesel. Megastar Mohamed Ramadan is a stuntman looking for revenge in this blast of an action film and local box office hit. Maybe not for everyone, but certainly an experience!

Eyimofe - ONLINE

OnlineAfrica 2020

Set in Lagos, Nigeria, Eyimofe (This is My Desire) follows the stories of Mofe, a factory technician, and Rosa, a hairdresser, on their quest for a better life on foreign shores. Tragedy and fate intervene as two people try to better the lives of their families.


Filmquiz - ONLINE


Please note that this event is in Dutch. We apologize for the inconvenience.

First Cow - ONLINE

OnlineAmerican Indie Competition

A subdued drama about Cookie and King-Lu, who meet as members of a group of trappers in 19th-century Oregon. A special friendship develops between the two, and together they start a successful business in stolen milk from an expensive dairy cow.

Force of Habit - ONLINE

OnlineNordic Watching

Force of Habit follows different women in their confrontation with sexual harassment and power dynamics in their everyday lives. Written and directed by seven Finnish women in the wake of #metoo, this film is politically loaded as well as liberatingly humorous.


Get The Hell Out - ONLINE


A zombie outbreak horror-comedy against the backdrop of Taiwanese corrupt politics: it doesn’t get any more BONKERS! than this! After the president suddenly turns into a zombie, the parliament becomes a straight up bloodbath, where protagonists Hsiung and Wang have to fight to stay alive.


Holler - ONLINE

OnlineAmerican Indie Competition

Ruth (Jessica Barden) joins a scrap metal crew to try and pay her way through college. Against the bleak, snowed-in backdrop of a once thriving industrial town in Ohio, it soon turns out that the cost of an education for a girl like her might be more than she bargained for.


OnlineNordic Watching

This honest and sensitive drama by Maria Sødahl tells the story of Anja (Andrea Bræin Hovig), who has just received the news that she has a terminal brain tumor. Together with her partner Tomas (Stellan Skarsgård), she tries to come to terms with this life-changing message.


Kuessipan - ONLINE


In a Quebec Innu community, Mikuan and Shaniss struggle to maintain their close friendship when they clash over their increasing differences and diverging ambitions. Based on Naomi Fontaine's novel of the same name, 'Kuessipan' is a story about family, friendship and connection.


La Última Primavera - ONLINE


In La Cañada Real, a shanty town outside Madrid, tensions are running high between the officials and the inhabitants given that the land has been sold and the families must leave the homes they put up with their own hands.

Lapsis - ONLINE

OnlineAmerican Indie Competition

Struggling to support himself and his ailing younger brother, delivery man Ray takes a strange job in a strange new realm of the gig economy. Well crafted and confidently shot, this smart satire mixes 'Sorry We Missed You' with 'Black Mirror'.

Lola Vers La Mer - ONLINE


When Lola, a young transgender woman, can finally get her operation, her mother – who financially supports her – dies. To fulfill her mother’s last wish, Lola and her father travel to the Belgian coast, despite all their differences. Their journey, however, will not turn out as they imagined it…

Los Lobos - ONLINE


When the mother of eight-year-old Max and his brother Leo is at work, their one-room flat changes into a mysterious place, where their biggest fantasies and adventures come to life. Los Lobos is brutally honest and yet poetic -- and full of hope.

Love Affair(s) - ONLINE


In this beautiful yet unconventional romance, Daphne and Maxime must spend a couple of days together in the stunning French countryside despite not knowing each other. As they chat about their memories, the film tells an overarching story about the messiness of love.


Mogul Mowgli - ONLINE

OnlineFirst Feature Competition

Zed (Riz Ahmed), a young British rapper, is about to start his first world tour. However, a crippling illness strikes him down, and he is forced to move back in with his family. He tries to find himself between an international music career and Pakistani family traditions.

My Thoughts Are Silent - ONLINE

OnlineFirst Feature Competition

Vadym is a 25-year-old composer and a sound recordist living in Kyiv. Then he gets the chance to move to Canada -- provided he can record the voice of a very rare bird, which dwells only in the Transcarpathian mountains of Ukraine.


Needle Park Baby - ONLINE


Spring 1995. After Switzerland's largest public drug scene 'Platzspits' is closed down, 11-year-old Mia and her heroin-addicted mother Sandrine move to an idyllic town for a new beginning. 'Christiane F.' meets 'JoJo Rabbit' in this brutally honest portrait of addiction and motherly love.


Onkel - ONLINE

OnlineNordic Watching

Kris, living with her uncle on a farm, is starting to second guess her current life. When she meets Mike, she realizes love has crossed her path. A life


Pronck International Shorts 1 - ONLINE


Pronck International Shorts is a celebration of the best shorts made all over the world. This session is full of bright filmmakers who want to share their vision, ideas or idiosyncrasies. You can come across all kinds of films, but one thing is clear: they all have a clear own voice. This session is sponsored by Pronck.

Pronck International Shorts 2 - ONLINE


Pronck International Shorts is a celebration of the best shorts made all over the world. This session is full of bright filmmakers who want to share their vision, ideas or idiosyncrasies. You can come across all kinds of films, but one thing is clear: they all have a clear own voice. This session is sponsored by Pronck.


Rent-a-Pal - ONLINE


Seeking a partner through a video dating service, David discovers a strange VHS tape called Rent-A-Pal. Hosted by the charismatic Andy (Wil Wheaton), the tape offers him friendship. But Andy’s friendship comes at a cost, and David struggles to afford the price of admission.


Shiva Baby - ONLINE

OnlineAmerican Indie Competition

In this hilarious and uncomfortably real debut, we become acquainted with Danielle’s Jewish family for one very long day, during which she runs into her secret sugar daddy - as well as her way-too-successful ex-girlfriend after the funeral of a mutual friend.

Shorta - ONLINE

OnlineNordic Watching

What exactly happened when Talib Ben Hassi (19) was held in police custody? Police officers Jens and Mike are on a routine patrol in the Svalegården ghetto when the news of Talib's death is announced on the radio. The news sparks a widespread protest and riots in the ghetto. Will the officers make it home safely?

Son-Mother - ONLINE

OnlineFirst Feature Competition

Hard-working widow Leila is faced with a heartbreaking decision. Will she give in to bus driver Kazem’s marriage proposal to give her family financial security, even if it means saying goodbye to her twelve-year-old son? The gripping portrait of a mother in modern-day Iran.

Survival Skills - ONLINE


In this VHS police training video from 1988, you are welcomed by Jim, a rookie cop whose steps are dictated by an omniscient Narrator. While Jim shows you the necessary training skills, things seem to be getting more and more out of hand. But it’s only a video… right?


The Death Of Cinema And My Father Too - ONLINE

OnlineFirst Feature Competition

A highly personal story of the director’s relationship with his father, their shared love of cinema, and his father’s illness. Rosenberg’s feature debut mixes fact, fiction, and autobiography as the film grapples with the big questions of life and death.

The Innocence - ONLINE

OnlineFirst Feature Competition

15-year-old Lis enjoys her summer with her friends and her older boyfriend Nestor, whom she keeps a secret from her parents. When the summer ends with an unpleasant surprise, she realizes that she will have to confront her parents and herself.

The Killing of Two Lovers - ONLINE

OnlineAmerican Indie Competition

A marital separation pains David, the impulsive and jealous protagonist of Robert Machoian's stark, stripped-down, but empathetic indie drama. David and Nikki have decided to allow each other some space to contemplate their relationship, but David is willing to do anything to save his marriage.

The Macaluso Sisters - ONLINE


The Macaluso Sisters follows five Italian sisters through three different stages of their lives. Their happy childhood is disrupted when one of them suddenly dies. The relationship between the sisters builds on this incident as they try to live with this trauma.

The Surrogate - ONLINE

OnlineAmerican Indie Competition

Jess is thrilled to be the surrogate for her best friend and his husband, but when the results of a prenatal test comes back, it creates a moral dilemma that threatens their friendship.


Yallah! Underground - ONLINE

OnlineYallah! Yallah! presents:

Female artists in Egypt, a persecuted Lebanese musician – the young artists in this documentary come from diverse backgrounds, but fight for the same goal: freedom. Yallah! Underground paints a convincing picture of a new generation of Arabs, challenging their reality with passion and perseverance.