Voor Niemand Wat Wils 2019

Friday 8 November

21:15 - 23:15 Kijkhuis 1

Please note that this event is in Dutch. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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120 minutes

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  • Friday
    8 November
    Kijkhuis 1
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Greener Grass
Greener Grass

A deliciously twisted comedy set in a demented, timeless suburbia where every adult wears braces on their straight teeth, couples coordinate meticulously pressed outfits, and coveted family members are swapped in more ways than one in this competition for acceptance.

Tuesday 5 November
21:15 - 22:56 Trianon 3
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Kamer 306
Kamer 306

Kamer 306 recounts a forgotten chapter in music history. In the 1950s, groundbreaking research at the Philips Physics Laboratory laid the foundation for electronic music ever since. Afterwards, musician and composer Thomas Ankersmit will perform his homage to this pioneering work.

Thursday 7 November
20:30 - 22:15 Wibar
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Veni Vidi Vino 2019
Veni Vidi Vino 2019

Watching film whilst drinking wine without getting escorted off the premises? Yes, please! After last year's great succes, Veni Vidi Vino is back with a bang! A tasting of six wines, each of them accompanied by a film fragment matured on years and years of LIFF experience.

Sunday 3 November
16:00 - 18:00 Scheltema
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