Veni Vidi Vino 2019

Sunday 3 November

16:00 - 18:00 Scheltema

Watching film whilst drinking wine without getting escorted off the premises? Yes, please! After last year's great succes, Veni Vidi Vino is back with a bang! A tasting of six wines, each of them accompanied by a film fragment matured on years and years of LIFF experience. Think, for example of the go-to wine of our favourite actors, a wine featured in a famous movie scene, from a well-known movie country, that one notorious cinematic soil type, or, really, any other excuse we can come up with to have a glass of wine with our film. Veni Vidi Vino promises to be a light, sparkling night, firm, full-bodied as well as delicate and accessible, with a cheeky aftertaste.
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€ 25

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120 minutes

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  • Sunday
    3 November
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