Thursday 7 November

19:00 - 20:36 Kijkhuis 1

Roman Coleman is a convicted man in prison who has to come to terms with his violent past. He is offered the chance to participate in a rehabilitation programme where he helps tame wild horses. Assisted by a veteran trainer and fellow prisoner Henry, Roman starts to see his own humanity return, slowly but surely. An irresistible, deeply moving film by newcomer Laure de Clermont Tonerre, with amazing acting by Matthias Schoenaerts, Jason Mitchell, Bruce Dern and Connie Britton.
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First Feature Competition

96 minutes

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  • Friday
    1 November
    Kijkhuis 1
  • Sunday
    3 November
    Kijkhuis 2
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Wednesday 6 November
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Another absurdist comedy by Quentin Dupieux, in his unique style: Deerskin. Jean Dujardin shows off his comedic ability as the main character, who goes to extreme lengths to make sure he is the only one looking good in his kind of jacket. Filming the results, Dupieux adds metacommentary to discuss the point of film.

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21:15 - 22:55 Trianon 1
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