The Killing of Two Lovers - ONLINE


Thursday 5 November

21:15 - 22:40 APOLLO ONLINE

In Robert Machoians stark and stripped-down debut indie drama, David and his wife Nikki are going through a rough time and allowing each other space to figure out what they want from their relationship. But there is one issue: David doesn’t want space. He just wants things to get better, and he plays along with Nikki because he reckons this scheme is the only possible way to keep them and their four kids together. Despite his loyalty, he is hotheaded, jealous, and terrified of losing his family – which all amount to an explosive combination in a claustrophobically small town where private lives seem impossible to preserve.
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Chris COY, Clayne CRAWFORD, Sepideh MOAFI

Spoken language

No Subtitle

American Indie Competition

85 minutes

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