No Hard Feelings


Tuesday 3 November

21:30 - 23:02 Kijkhuis 1

Parvis is the son of exiled Iranians who fills his days with Grindr dates and parties. After being caught shoplifting, he is sentenced to community service as an interpreter in an asylum seekers' center. There, he meets brother and sister Amon and Banafshe who have fled Iran. As Parvis and Amon feel increasingly attracted to each other, tensions in the asylum seekers' center increase and they are threatened with eviction. In an attempt to build a common future, they soon realize that they are not equal in Germany.
A sensitive film about first love, rediscovering your past and life as a migrant in Europe. This beautiful debut film won prizes at the Berlin Film Festival, amongst others. We present No Hard Feelings at LIFF together with our friends from the International Queer & Migrant Festival.
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Spoken language
German, Farsi, Arabic



92 minutes

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