Saturday 2 November

16:15 - 17:48 Kijkhuis 2

Silvia has a lot to deal with: the charismatic forty-something single mother not only takes care of her son, but as a lawyer in the civil service, she is also involved in a precarious corruption case. Increasingly, she finds herself at odds with her dearly beloved, cancer-stricken but spritely mother. At the height of this emotional turmoil, a man enters Silvia’s life and, for the first time in a long time, she embarks on a passionate love adventure. With a cast of phenomenal amateur actors, Litigante marks an intimate and deeply emotional film about life as it is – with all its ups and downs.
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Franco LOLLI

Carolina SANIN, Leticia GOMEZ, Antonio MARTINEZ, Vladimir DURAN

Spoken language



93 minutes

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