Klassiekers met Koolhoven

Thursday 7 November

20:15 - 22:15 Leidse Schouwburg

Please note that this event is in Dutch. We apologize for the inconvenience.


120 minutes

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Martin Eden
Martin Eden

Based on the Jack London novel of the same name, Pietro Marcello’s latest follows a sailor trying to rediscover himself as a writer. A passionate and timeless story of class consciousness, romance and failed ideals.

Friday 1 November
11:45 - 13:54 Kijkhuis 1
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Late Night
Late Night

Katherine Newbury’s (Emma Thompson) talk show is in the slumps. To revitalize her program, she hires Molly Patel (Mindy Kahling) - a breath of fresh air who shows her that millennials don't have to be all that scary in this uplifting comedy about friendship, cultural differences and surviving in a, luckily, ever-changing world.

Thursday 31 October
19:30 - 21:17 Trianon 1
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Bonkers! Surprise Screening
Bonkers! Surprise Screening

Escaped from a small village in India this film went on a rampage to the Toronto Film Festival and has now, for the first time, arrived in The Netherlands. But can it be stopped? This visual masterpiece is an attack on the senses and truly Bonkers in every way, but it will definitely be a unique experience. Do you dare?

Saturday 9 November
21:45 - 23:16 Trianon 2
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