Gaza Mon Amour


Friday 30 October

18:00 - 19:27 Kijkhuis 2

After their raucous début Dégradé (2015), twins Arab and Tarzan Nasser return with Gaza mon amour. Also set in their native Gaza, here they explore a love story between a 60-year-old fisherman, Issa, and a local tailor, Siham. Issa, stoic and settled into bachelor living, has been ignoring his sister’s ceaseless pushes for him to find a fiancé. However, he carries a secret torch for the modest Siham. One night while out fishing, Issa brings in an unexpected haul: a (very explicit) statue of Apollo. Under the cover of darkness, Issa takes the statue home. This sparks a series of comic events that force Issa out of his shell, while also casting light on the Kafkaesque bureaucracy of life under the Occupation and, above all, on love. Gaza mon amour is a romance story anchored in the quiet chemistry between two heavyweight actors. It is also layered with evocative satire about repressed desire, and the hopeful notion that, in spite of everything, life goes on amidst the absurdity of living.
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Hiam ABBAS, Salim DAW

Spoken language



87 minutes

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