Thursday 7 November

14:30 - 16:20 Trianon 3

Eight-year-old chess prodigy Fahim and his father are forced to flee their native country of Bangladesh. In Paris they are refused asylum. Their situation appears hopeless until Fahim’s talents lead him to meet top chess coach Sylvain. The two become friends. However, the likelihood that Fahim and his father can stay in France is increasingly threatened. When the French chess tournaments start, Fahim sees a solution to their problems: become the chess champion of France. Based on a true story, Fahim is a touching and inspirational film.
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Pierre-François MARTIN-LAVAL

Gérard DEPARDIEU, Isabelle NANTY, Ahmed ASSAD

Spoken language



110 minutes

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Sunday 3 November
17:15 - 18:32 Trianon 3
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And Then We Danced
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17:00 - 18:46 Kijkhuis 2
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Sunday 3 November
19:30 - 21:11 Trianon 2
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