27 oct - 5 nov 2017

Dave Made A Maze + Q&A

Tuesday 31 October

19:15 - 20:35 Trianon 2

It can happen to the best of us: you come home from a weekend away and your boyfriend, frustrated artist Dave (Thune), tells you that he's stuck in his self-made cardboard maze. It befalls Annie (Kumbhani), who sets aside her disbelief and enters the maze along with some acquaintances for a rescue mission, which comes with serious consequences... You don't want to miss this ingenious, funny and creative film! Followed by a Q&A with actrice Meera Kuhmbani on October 30 and 31.
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Bill Watterson

Spoken language

No Subtitle


American Indie Competition

80 minutes

This movie also screens

  • Monday
    30 October
    Trianon 3
  • Friday
    3 November
    Trianon 2
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