Cinema Brewers Shorts Selection 2019

Saturday 2 November

12:15 - 13:45 Kijkhuis 2

LIFF is proud to collaborate with Cinema Brewers once again. Cinema Brewers is an Amsterdam-based brewing company that develops special film-themed beers. For every beer sold, five cents are added to the fund, the final proceeds of which we will hand out at this year's festival. Curated from all over the world, this program's special selection of short films is in the running for the Cinema Brewers Film Fund prize which starts at €1500 and continues to expand during the festival!

Creative Evolution
Life keeps traveling across the universe.

10th grade student Melisa confronts her teacher during a literature exam. In front of all her classmates, Melisa questions the school system and the usefulness of what they are studying by asking a very uncomfortable question.

Night Shift
René was called in to work an extra shift at the convenience store after a night of clubbing and not having slept for 36 hours. Fighting against exhaustion and annoying customers, he really needs to head to bed.

Nature can be your best friend, but also your worst enemy. In this stop-motion film, nothing is what it seems.

Your Last day on Earth
A Fox-dressed man breaks the spacetime limits with only one goal: to spend some time with his wife. But bellow this recreational act there’s a far more complex and ambitious plan.

I'm Listening
n the last hours of the night, Mirja, a Night Radio host, gets a call on the air of a possible end of the world. Soon this unexpected call starts bursting Mirja's bubble in a way she never would have expected.

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