Bye Bye Britain Brunch

Friday 1 November

11:00 - 11:30 Trianon 3

As you may know, we were planning a “Bye-Bye Britain Brexit Brunch”, combining the best of UK culture (British film!) with what is perhaps the worst of British culture (a full breakfast).

Our brunch was planned on November 1st because the UK was planning to leave the EU on that day. However, the deadline has been extended to January 31st, and our proposed “farewell” would be a little premature. We’ll still be playing the films, but have cancelled the Brexit Brunch.

We can hardly imagine that you bought your ticket specifically to go to the brunch. But if you have, you can return your ticket at Of course, we’ll be sure to provide tea (with plenty of milk) for all visitors.


45 minutes

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