Brittany Runs a Marathon

Saturday 9 November

21:15 - 22:59 Kijkhuis 2

After returning from a doctor’s appointment where she wanted to score some Aderall with a prescription she didn’t expect or want at all, Britanny decides, as we all do a couple of times a year, to drasticaly turn her life around. She laces up her Converse and runs a sweaty block. The next day, she runs two. The day after that, she runs a mile. Finally, her life seems to have direction again, but is she going the right way? One of those refreshing, whip-smart and heartwarming comedies that you just need to experience every once in a while, with a brilliant Jillian Bell in a role that finally does her justice.
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104 minutes

This movie also screens

  • Saturday
    2 November
    Trianon 2
  • Monday
    4 November
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  • Thursday
    7 November
    Trianon 1
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