Best of LISFE 2019

Sunday 3 November

11:30 - 13:00 Trianon 2

LIFF isn't the only known film festival in Leiden. Short film festival LISFE – every May in Kijkhuis – gathers more and more international fame and thus manages to expand every year. More films from more countries, more visiting directors, and more attention to each subject they wish to shed a light on. The LISFE-team carefully selected a few of their shorts of this year that they wish to share with the LIFF-audience.

Para Ayer:
An emerging production company goes to the headquarters of an award-winning advertising agency. In a meeting full of challenging briefs and impossible deadlines, the filmmakers will have to decide how much are they willing to agree to in order to get the job.

Il Était une Fois Mon Prince Viendra:
In the storeroom of the bakery where she works, twenty-seven-year-old Luna dreams of a Prince Charming and a life in a castle. On the same day, she will cross paths with a trash can full of dollar notes and a young man who stutters. What do we do with our childhood dreams when we are nearly thirty years old?

The Damsels:
Laurenne is an old lady in a retirement home. Discreet and obedient, she is quietly getting depressed. That is until she meets Sylvie, a forty-year-old woman freshly hired in the establishment.

Artem Silendi:
Sisters are sinners like others.

Most adults dream of staying in childhood forever and going through life like in a game, free of society’s rules and restrictions. Five employees in a metal company put this dream into effect.

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