Baghdad In My Shadow - ONLINE


Tuesday 3 November

11:15 - 13:00 LUXOR ONLINE

'Baghdad in My Shadow' is a fictional thriller about a group of Iraqi immigrants living in London: Amal (Ghandour), a wife in hiding, Taufiq (Haitham Ali), an unsuccessful writer, and Muhannad, gay IT specialist (Waseem Abbas). The three meet regularly in a local cafe -- until the author's radical cousin attacks them and turns all their lives upside down.

Samir presents his characters with the challenge of facing the three greatest taboos of Arab society: atheism, adultery (from a female point of view), and homosexuality. This film shows the many sensitivities that anonymous Muslims in exile have to deal with.
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Waseem ABBAS, Haitham ABDEL-RAZZAQ, Daniel ADEGBOYEGA, Shervin ALENABI, Haitham ALI

Spoken language
Arabic, English


Yallah! Yallah! presents:

105 minutes

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