And Then We Danced

Monday 4 November

17:00 - 18:46 Kijkhuis 2

Merab (Levan Gelbakhinai) has been dancing with the National Georgian Ensemble ever since he was a kid, together with his partner Mary. His world is turned upside down, however, when the carefree Iraki joins the dance company, and quickly becomes Merabs biggest rival and deepest desire, forcing him to come to terms with his feelings for men within the framework of a repressive and conservative Georgian society. A touching story about love, prejudice and the freedom and restrictions of the language of dance, impressively shot by Levin Akin (Certain People). Nominated for the Queer Palm in Cannes and winner of the award for best actor in Sarajevo and Odessa.
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Levan AKIN


Spoken language



106 minutes

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  • Sunday
    3 November
    Kijkhuis 2
  • Thursday
    7 November
    Kijkhuis 2
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