Locations outside Leiden

The Leiden International Film Festival has taken place in Leiden cinemas Trianon and Kijkhuis for fifteen years now. But this year, three extra cinemas will be added, located outside Leiden. All of them iconic, with cinematic names and their own signature. Maybe you already know some of the locations, but we assure you - you have never seen them like this before!

De Muze Noordwijk

You have to see the beautiful Apollo Hall in order to believe it. Imagine the technology and facilities you are used to from the Leiden cinemas, combined with the look of Luxor and Trianon from the last century (a balcony!).

Filmtheater Voorschoten

The cinema of Filmtheater Voorschoten has recently been completely remodeled. With an extra spacious layout to guarantee sufficient distance between all visitors, the already beautiful cinema has only become more luxurious.

Filmhuis Wassenaar

In the library in Wassenaar, you will also find a cinema - of course equipped with nice chairs and modern equipment. Due to the corona measures, the room layout has also been adjusted, so that only 22 seats per film are available during the film festival. A true elite hall, only possible in Wassenaar!