Online locations

The biggest addition to the festival in 15 years: online cinema! For the first time ever, you can watch LIFF-films through an online portal. Just like in the cinema, all films have a fixed starting time and of course there is also an online lobby where you can chat with other visitors before and after the film, and order something to eat. LIFF 2020 will have three online cinema halls, which we have named after three former cinemas in Leiden. Do you want to learn more about watching an online movie? Click here.


Nowadays, the name Luxor has almost completely disappeared from collective memory. Some of you will however still recall the name as an All you can eat Sushi restaurant. Or, if you are a little older: as one of the oldest cinemas in the city, located on the Stationsstraat. We are renaming our largest online location after this Leiden pride as a tribute.


In 1919, the Rembrandt Cinema opened on the corner of Hogewoerd & Sint Jorissteegsloot. Its success was short-lived, and a year later a restart was made under the name Casino. The second and last name change was made in 1963: Casino. In 1981, the Camera cinema closed permanently and the building was demolished. Ask your grandparents from Leiden about their favorite cinema memories and they probably took place in Camera. Invite your grandpa and grandma for a trip down memory lane and visit Camera during the LIFF! 


A renowned name in the Haarlemmerstraat! Everyone knew Rex, but no one wanted to be seen there. Rex was Leiden's 18+ cinema: typically the kind of cinema that works much better in an online environment. But don't worry, our online venue just screens regular festival films.