Was het de millenniumbug? Was het omdat iedereen door de Spice Girls ineens Pepsi dronk? Of hing er gewoon iets in de lucht? In ieder geval zijn er maar weinig filmjaren zo onovertroffen goed als 1999, en om het (ja, echt) 20-jarige jubileum te vieren presenteert LIFF samen met KINO de zes aller-, allerbeste films nog één keer op het witte doek. Heb je dus altijd al een keerFight Club,Office Space,Eyes Wide Shut,The Blair Witch Project,Todo sobre mi madreof10 Things I Hate About Youin de bioscoop willen zien (of wil je dat nog een 26ste keer doen), dan is dit je kans! 

Saturday 02 November

Eyes Wide Shut


21:15 - 23:54 Kijkhuis 2

Ordinary porno or artistic nudity? Hopelessly old-fashioned or unexpectedly progressive? Just a good film or way overhyped (with, as some critics argue, the death of Kubrick himself, for whom this would be the last film, as the biggest PR stunt of all)? Come and see for yourself!

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Monday 04 November

Fight Club


21:30 - 23:49 Kijkhuis 2

Our generation had no Chris Pratt, no 3D glasses. Our Pratt was a Brad, our technological innovation was a cigarette burn. We’ve all been raised on movie screens to believe that one day we’ll be done watching Fight Club. But we won’t.

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Tuesday 05 November

10 Things I Hate About You


21:15 - 22:52 Kijkhuis 1

Where would we be, as a society, without Heath, singing on those stairs, with that hair, with that smile? Without Julia, with her mediocre but absolutely heart-shattering poetry? Nowhere. We would be nowhere.

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Friday 08 November

Office Space


17:30 - 18:59 Trianon 2

The appliances may be somewhat outdated, but since time inside the office walls moves somewhat more slowly than in the real world, both the characters and the humor are still as delicious, familiar, and up-to-date as ever.

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Saturday 09 November

Todo Sobre Mi Madre


11:30 - 13:10 Kijkhuis 2

Pedro Almodóvar’s modern classic is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special screening at LIFF!

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Sunday 10 November

The Blair Witch Project


20:00 - 21:36 Volkenkunde

Unfortunately this screening is cancelled. Whether you like horror or not, you have to see this combination of found footage, flashlights, and runny noses. Imitated but never duplicated, and apparently irresistible.

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