Tuesday 05 November

It Must Be Heaven


19:00 - 20:37 Kijkhuis 1

A church in Nazareth with a door that won't open. A deserted Paris. A New York supermarket with as many guns as fresh produce. In a series of darkly comic vignettes, Palestinian director Elia Suleiman investigates the meaning of being in exile, and the absurdities of nationalism, normality, and identity.

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Western Stars


19:00 - 20:23 Trianon 1

The incomparable Bruce Springsteen performs his critically acclaimed latest album. He muses on life, rock, and the American dream, in this intimate and personal concert film co-directed by Thom Zimny and Springsteen himself.

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In the Loop

Science & Cinema: 444 edition

19:00 - 21:01 Wijnhaven DH

Party time! We have programmed a special edition of Science & Cinema, in honour of the 444th anniversary of Leiden University. The program will feature 4 special films in unique locations, surprising events, and an attractively priced €4,44 entry fee!

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19:00 - 20:28 Trianon 3

Goldie (Slick Woods) is a street-wise, 18-year-old dancer with big dreams of big fame, even as she is stuck at home minding her two sisters while their mother is in jail. When an opportunity to audition for a real music video comes her way, Goldie feels the time has finally come for her star to rise.

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The Death of Dick Long

American Indie Competition

19:15 - 20:55 Trianon 2

Dick died last night, and Zeke and Earl don’t want anybody to find out how. That’s too bad though, ’cause news travels fast in small-town Alabama. From the director of Swiss Army Man -- and just as bizarre.

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Greener Grass


21:15 - 22:56 Trianon 3

A deliciously twisted comedy set in a demented, timeless suburbia where every adult wears braces on their straight teeth, couples coordinate meticulously pressed outfits, and coveted family members are swapped in more ways than one in this competition for acceptance.

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Knives Out


21:15 - 23:25 Trianon 1

When a famous murder mystery novelist is found dead at his estate, everyone’s a suspect… Rian Johnson (Brick, Star Wars: The Last Jedi) has created an impeccably written and extremely entertaining modern murder mystery, full of unexpected twists and turns from start to finish.

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10 Things I Hate About You


21:15 - 22:52 Kijkhuis 1

Where would we be, as a society, without Heath, singing on those stairs, with that hair, with that smile? Without Julia, with her mediocre but absolutely heart-shattering poetry? Nowhere. We would be nowhere.

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First Feature Competition

21:30 - 23:13 Trianon 2

After discovering that her husband’s addiction to escorts has left their family penniless, Alice finds herself drawn into the world of high-end prostitution as a means of caring for herself and her child. This film will have you on the edge of your seat!

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21:30 - 23:28 Kijkhuis 2

The compelling story of Judy Garland, who was so much more than just the girl from The Wizard of Oz. She’s played by Renée Zellweger, who, in turn, proves once again that she is so much more than just Bridget Jones.

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