Monday 04 November

Parasite - NL ondertiteling


19:00 - 21:12 Trianon 1

Lauded director Bong Joon-Ho has won the Palme d’Or for this magnificent film that is equal parts hilarious comedy and pitchblack drama. Follow the exploits of a family down on its luck that will do anything to get higher up in life, other people be damned.

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The Art of Self-Defense


19:00 - 20:44 Kijkhuis 1

Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) enlists in a karate class to learn how to defend himself, but finds that his sensei can teach him more than just karate. Maybe even a little too much… This dark comedy echoes the work of LIFF Favourite Yorgos Lanthimos.

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While at War


19:00 - 20:47 Trianon 3

With While At War, Alejandro Amenábar (Abre los Ojos, Mar Adrento, The Others) offers a revealing look at an important aspect of Spanish history: the start of the Spanish Civil War in 1936. Historical figure and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno decides to ask Franco for clemency when the lives of his colleague academics are threatened.

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A Tale of Three Sisters


19:15 - 21:03 Kijkhuis 2

A father in a small village in the north of Turkey tries everything to give his daughters a better life. He sends them to rich families, as foster children and maids. All three of them return for various reasons. Are they better off at home?

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Behind the Curve

Science & Cinema: 444 edition

19:30 - 21:09 Academiegebouw

Party time! We have programmed a special edition of Science & Cinema, in honour of the 444th anniversary of Leiden University. The program will feature 4 special films in unique locations, surprising events, and a very attractive €4,44 entry fee!

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Filmquiz 2019


20:00 - 23:00 Scheltema

Please note that this event is in Dutch. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Days of the Bagnold Summer

First Feature Competition

21:00 - 22:26 Trianon 2

Based on the 2012 award-winning graphic novel by Joff Winterhart about Sue, a librarian, and Daniel, her fifteen-year-old son who listens only to Metallica. Directed by Simon Bird (The Inbetweeners) and with an original soundtrack by Belle & Sebastian: enough ingredients to make true LIFF favourite.

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Martin Eden


21:15 - 23:24 Kijkhuis 1

Based on the Jack London novel of the same name, Pietro Marcello’s latest follows a sailor trying to rediscover himself as a writer. A passionate and timeless story of class consciousness, romance and failed ideals.

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To the Stars

American Indie Competition

21:15 - 23:06 Trianon 3

To the Stars is a beautifully shot black and white film set in 1960s Oklahoma. Iris Deerborne’s world changes completely when Maggie appears and an unlikely relationship between the two develops. A mesmerizing and almost mystical film, a true gem found at Sundance.

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Fight Club


21:30 - 23:49 Kijkhuis 2

Our generation had no Chris Pratt, no 3D glasses. Our Pratt was a Brad, our technological innovation was a cigarette burn. We’ve all been raised on movie screens to believe that one day we’ll be done watching Fight Club. But we won’t.

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Sorry We Missed You


21:45 - 23:27 Trianon 1

You'll never get mad at delayed delivery drivers after you’ve seen this film. Ken Loach (I, Daniel Blake) strikes again in this UK drama about a delivery driver and his family who are struggling to get by in modern-day England.

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