Half Measures!

Half Measures!

Fifteen years ago we had the dream to make the world's greatest film festival beer. However, to create the perfect pairing of beer and film, you have to try every hop, inspect every grain and understand every yeast in the world. That seemed like too much work for a beer, so we made this one. It's fine, it's beer, drink it. Half Measures!

LIFF Pronckstukken - Cinematic Beertasting

Saturday, November 7
20.30 - ONLINE

After the success of Veni Vidi Vino, our cinematic wine tasting, a cinematic beer tasting was of course an inevitable next step! Pronck was already making a delicious LIFF-beer for this year's edition, so a cooperation for a beer tasting was quickly found. Order your beer-package and prepare for an amazing, tasty online beer tasting (link will be online soon!).

Please note that this event is in Dutch. Apologies for the inconvenience.