2 - 11 nov 2018

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A webcam girl is locked out of her account and discovers that she’s been replaced with an exact replica of herself. David Lynch himself would be proud of this intriguing debut.

Thirteen-year-old Kayla endures the tidal wave of contemporary suburban adolescence as she makes her way through the last week of middle school—the end of her thus-far disastrous eighth-grade year—before she begins high school. Comedian Bo Burham’s winning debut has been universally praised and is one of the absolute highlights of this year’s festival.

Alex Ross Perry is back at LIFF with Her Smell. A self-destructive punk rocker (an extraordinary Elisabeth Moss) struggles with sobriety while trying to recapture the creative inspiration that led her band to success.

You’ll be the first to discover all of your friends’ favorite directors, right here at LIFF. Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) won the LIFF competition back in 2012 with Safety not Guaranteed. Ryan Coogler reanimated the Rocky-franchise with Creed a year after LIFF played his debut Fruitvale Station. Actor John Boyega had his big break in Leiden with Imperial Dreams – a year before his leading role in the new Star Wars saga.



You can visit the cinema anywhere and anytime you want. That’s why LIFF has more than that. Over the past few years we watched tropical movies in a broiling greenhouse, historical movies on an actual Greek temple, the licentious Spring Breakers in a pool (party included), and much more. LIFF plays movies like nobody else. The crazier, the better.

Beatles fans beware! Yellow Submarine turns 50 this year, and Imagine has been completely remastered, including 15 minutes of exclusive bonus material. LIFF will show both films on the big screen for one time only during Beatles night. Buy a ticket for Imagine and you’ll get a ticket for Yellow Submarine for free.

Wednesday 7 November
19:30 - 22:40 Trianon 1
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In Stargate (1994), a mysterious ring turns out to be an interstellar teleportation device that leads to a planet with humans resembling ancient Egyptians who worship the god Ra. The movie will be shown in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, in the context of their exhibition ‘Gods of Egypt’.

Sunday 4 November
19:30 - 21:26 RMO
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Red Miller (Nicolas Cage) has been a broken man ever since the love of his life was murdered. The killers: insane members of the religious sect called Children of the New Dawn. Red wants revenge and goes in pursuit.

Saturday 3 November
23:59 - 01:59 Kijkhuis 2
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Leiden is a beautiful city for sight-seeing in between movies. Visit one of our city’s many museums before the screening. Afterwards, discuss the film over a drink or meal at one of our festival’s partners.